About Lydia Leimbach

Lydia Leimbach

Lydia Leimbach and Belle

Lydia came to “techno-geekdom”  later in life and via a convoluted trail. A horse trainer by trade and degree, she earned a BS in Equine Studies in 1983 from Centenary College in Hacketstown, NJ. She ran several riding programs in Maryland and Pennsylvania and also took great pleasure in finding ways for her students to learn in whatever way brought them success.

Marriage to a military man ended this career and led her on adventures in Europe before returning to the northeast to settle down and raise a family of 3 sports minded children. During this time she fell into several jobs in computer labs that required her to learn on the fly – something that has helped her immensely in the problem solving situations that continually crop up. During this time she earned her masters in Computer Technology for Educators from Thomas College.

Her work in technology integration began in earnest in 2000 when she started at Hall-Dale HIgh School in Farmingdale, ME. This job provided the opportunity to learn at an exponential rate. The forward thinking administration and dedicated tech department has made this job rewarding and she enjoys heading to work each day. Lydia has presented at the UME Summer Institute and has been a part of the MLTI/Apple Professional Development Team. She is currently working on a second masters degree in Instructional Design from Emporia State University.
In her spare time, Lydia continues to ride and learn with her mare, Belle. She teaches a small cadre of students at Meadowview Equestrian Center in Readfield.

Contact me at lleimbach@halldale.org

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  1. This is really good.
    I still remember how to do a page. from your experiance. I msis everything you taught me get back to me soon

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