It’s the Curiosity that Counts

Mike post surgery

Mike post surgery

My son just underwent major surgery to repair a crushed bone in his ankle. We had to travel far to find the doctor who could do this, despite the fact that we have many competent orthopaedic surgeons in our area. We found Dr Myerson in Baltimore and travelled several times by car to see him over the course of Mike’s treatment.

Those long car trips gave me an opportunity to do a lot of thinking while Mike was plugged into his iPod. What is it that makes a local doctor good at what he or she does, and another doctor able to do much more complicated procedures? It doesn’t seem to be a difference in intelligence – all of the doctors along the way were smart. It finally came to me- it’s a matter of curiousity. The “what if” or “how does this…” that we are all born with is the defining factor.

In some people, the curiosity drains out early. In others, it waxes and wanes. But in some, it remains insatiable- they just have to know the why and how of their passion. I was extremely grateful to Dr Myerson for effectively giving Mike his life back through this gift of mobility- and I realized that somewhere, somehow, Dr. Myerson had never lost his curiosity. And this inspired me- to help make sure that that innate curiosity doesn’t drain out of our kids while they are sitting in our classes. Not sure how I’ll accomplish this yet- but it’s my goal. I welcome your ideas and suggestions.


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