Training from the Living Room

Screenshot of Training Session

Screenshot of Training Session

Today our dedicated Spanish teacher and I worked for several hours on her Moodle class for Spanish 2. Neither of us even left the house! She was in Boothbay- I was in Readfield. We connected via Skype with the use of the screensharing option, so she could see the screen I was working on.  She then could make the changes she wanted to. She should have been able to share her screen with me but it wouldn’t work- go figure! We had a video chat going as well so conversation was a breeze. I found this to be a very effective way to help her get started – and it didn’t feel like I was working Instead of a hard school chair I had a comfy club chair, an ottoman, and coffee at the ready.(ok, I did have to brush my hair, but that was it!) Nice work if you can get it.

Click to watch an excerpt of our session
(The audio is not great- please forgive the free software I used!)


One response to “Training from the Living Room

  1. Hey Lydia, This is great! Thanks for sharing and I hope it will be a great place for our Teacher Intergrators to gather and share information…
    I’m excited about the coming year.

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