Tech Tip: Tutorial Links via Safari

This year’s image has great new tools, and lots of them. Omni has a whole suit of organizational tools (take a look at Omni Graffle and Omni Outliner) as well as a new, easier to use image editor called Acorn. Podcasting just got easier with the addition of Profcast. Sketchup is back with the ability to create buildings that can be placed into GoogleEarth.  


The problem is often in finding the means to learn not only what the software can do but how it can do it. Safari has the help you need. MLTI has added software links for much (although not all) of the software on the laptops. It is easily accessible via your bookmarks toolbar. See the image below:

Bookmarks Bar Software Links

(If the photo is confusing:  Click Bookmarks, then Bookmarks Bar.  At the bottom you will see “Software Links.” Clicking this will give you the list sites for each tool


You may also want to take a look at the “Maine LInks” section for some excellent local resources.


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