Opening the Discussion about Responsible Media Use

The middle school curriculum for tech class focuses heavily on online safety and the development of responsible digital citizens. This is a time when students begin to break away from their parents, and for some children, a time when they may not disclose everything to them.

It can be a frustrating time for parents who wonder just what happened to those sweet elementary kids who used to live with them! Trust me- the wonderful part of them is still there. We just sometimes have to dig a little farther to find it. Continued involvement and conversation are key.

I want to point you to a site called Commonsense Media– a very valuable resource in discovering what middle school kids are apt to want to do online. It also has reviews of movies based on their appropriateness by age. It has a Family Media Agreement– a document that can be used as a contract or as a starting point for important discussions between children and parents about media use.

It’s important to keep these conversations going as they move on to high school. Staying connected is very important, regardless of how much they kick and scream about their need for privacy. 

The site also has good resources for educators to use if they want to integrate digital citizenry into classroom conversations and activities.


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