Sharing Your Classroom Resources: Presentations

The flu has decimated classes this year. In my middle school classes, up to half of the kids have been out. High School teachers are reporting the same. It makes it hard to keep kids caught up, especially when teachers use presentations, videos, and other visuals in class. 

I have come across a couple of solutions. Because we are a 1:1 district 7-12, we have access to technology for almost all of our students. Most of our students have access to the internet at home. With this in mind, teachers have several options for keeping connected with their students.

If you are a teacher who uses presentations for your discussions, might be the tool for you. SlideShare is a free service that allows you to make an account and then upload your presentations. Students can watch them as just presentations, or you can record your lecture (see the post on recording a voiceover in Keynote) and publish the presentation with voice. Or you can add presenter notes that students can use while they listen/watch the presentation. The sample below shows the visual and audio- to see the presenter notes, chose “View in” at the bottom of the presentation pane.

Slideshare will allow you to:

  • make your presentations public or private
  • allow you to let people download the presentations…or not
  • share them with specific people (meaning your groups could subscribe to your uploads)
  • upload documents other than presentations. You (or your students) can also upload documents, audio files, images, and spreadsheets. 
  • No login necessary for students to access your uploads. You can provide a link to these files in IC or your blog.

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