Online Classroom Tools: Edmodo

Edmodo is probably one of the simplest online classroom tools available. It requires no student logins- a plus for the elementary teacher whose students will not likely have email addresses. It allows for privacy as the teacher remains in control of who has access to the site and who doesn’t.

It looks something like this:

Edmodo Classroom Site
Edmodo Classroom Site



  • Simple for teacher to create account and set up page
  • Easy student/parent registration
  • Allows you to upload documents for students/parents
  • Allows students to hand in assignments electronically
  • Allows you to grade online
  • Teacher can message students individually
  • Has ability for “forum” type online discussions
  • Allows teachers to make groups easily for each class
  • Can send mass messages across groups
  • Calendar will show assignments with links to document


  • Can’t markup assignments
  • Calendar won’t pull in assignments from other teachers using Edmodo. Each class is separate.
  • Although there currently is no advertising on the site, the privacy agreement does not preclude there being some in the future.

Interested? Here’s a video link on how to get started:


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