Online Classroom Tools:

Missing Edline and want a simple way to provide your students and parents with a bulletin board on which to post assignments, calendar dates, photos and newsletters WITHOUT having to learn webdesign?  Then may be just the thing you need.

Sample website

Screenshot of sample website


Weebly is a free website has some strong features to warrant a deeper look. They include:

  • easy account creation for the teacher
  • add free layout
  • professionally designed layouts
  • simple tools to add files, photos, and text

Weebly works best as a one-way communication tool. While it does have a blog feature, it does not have the option to make the site private without paying a premium (about $30.00 per year).The Weebly for Education section lets you create student accounts and has a form that allows students to submit assignments to you. However, what this does is simply email the assignments to you, with no way to easily provide feedback back to your students.

Having said all that, I think it makes a good easy tool to use for classrooms, clubs, and organizations within schools. I’ve created a sample site for you to look at. You can find it here or by going to


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