Shift Your Thinking Now

I read this post from fellow blogger Keith Ferrell, a teacher working in Singapore. He posted this video from Youtube about the changes that Sports Illustrated proposes for its magazine in the coming year.

His point was this: While we are trying to figure out a 3 year technology plan, the technology is whizzing past us with alarming speed. It’s great that we have plans to provide 4 more teachers with smartboards in the future…but what are we doing to move the curriculum and pedagogy forward to match the changes in technology?

What struck me after reading the article and watching the video is this: It is quite possible that I will still be working at my job (God willing!) when this year’s second graders are in high school. What will their expectations be for the way technology fits in their lives? Will what we do in school in any way match the way they learn outside of school? I have to believe that we need to keep pace with them or be left woefully behind. Just the way this new Sports Illustrated works makes our textbooks archaic. Are we prepared to move forward with the kids? Do we even know what changes we need to make? I’m not sure…


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