A Taxonomy of Reflection

Every so often you run across something that hits you squarely between the eyes. Peter Pappas’ work on using student reflection as part of teaching and learning is one such model.

reflection model

Pappas' Model for Reflection

His four part blog post, A Taxonomy of Reflection shows how we can use student reflections to stimulate critical and higher order thinking skills. Where he really moves out of the box is in the sections for teachers and principals. He encourages us to use this same sort of taxonomy to look at our own work. I will be reading this and re-reading this to keep my energy up as we head into the last trimester of the year.


4 responses to “A Taxonomy of Reflection

  1. Lydia,

    Glad you found the model applicable to your work. … And perhaps a respite from rubrics.

  2. I have this saved in a folder on my hard drive to refer back to as well. What I find sad, is that many students are never asked to go beyond the first stage of remembering.

  3. Encouraging critical and higher order thinking skills is so important!

  4. I’m still confused about this model

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