Interactive Storytelling with YouTube

Creating an Interactive Adventure

Sometimes kids give you the best ideas! While posting a screenshot from YouTube for a different project, “Ben” unwittingly gave me the link to How To Make an Interactive Adventure using annotations. This boisterous “how to” video (I’m not sure I’d show it in class!) is less than 5 minutes long but spurred my interest from the start.

The idea is that you can link a number of videos that are posted on YouTube together to create a story- in this case, a “choose your own ending” story. All I could think was, wow! What a great class project! Here are some ways you could use it:

  • Reading a novel? How might things play out differently if it was set in today’s environment- or 100 years ago?
  • Document science experiments. Use an introductory video to explain the experiment, then link to videos showing the results of different variables.
  • Chronicle personal growth (think end of year student led conferences) with a series of short videos.
  • Create a differentiated learning opportunity with different “legs” students can choose to work through student-created material in video format.
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    2 responses to “Interactive Storytelling with YouTube

    1. I have seen iJustine do this with her videos. It is a really neat idea. In the elementary classroom I could see it being useful for learning about different countries, vocabulary, etc. Interactive video….outstanding!

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