Dream Big: The Final Project

The Dream Big project has been going on for quite a while now. I’m not sure everyone will finish before our last day of school. Whether or not they do, it’s been a worthwhile endeavor. I have been casually grading the projects as they have come through my email and today I was stunned by the depth of thought of one 6th grader.

The focus for the kids was to identify their dream and come up with 4 “action steps”- concrete things they could do NOW to move them towards their dream. Each action step would be illustrated with a photo in Animoto and set to music that suited their dream. Each student was provided with a rubric (click here to see it). Engagement was high, but the creativity in the action steps varied just a little from dream to dream.

Except for Josh 8’s submission. Josh wants to be a pro football player. He understands that he has to work on specific skills, manage his time, and do well in school so he can go to college. Where Josh dug deep is in the area of work ethic. He listened to the senior students that came to his class to talk about realizing their dreams. He personalized what they said into his own experience and came up with two action steps that stopped me in my tracks. He said the following:

“I will deal with fame and failure well.”

” I will always try harder even if I am the best.”

Josh is 12.

I can’t wait to see who he becomes! Take a look at Josh’s dream.

See more projects:

Sydney– soccer player

Tyler– illustrator


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