Cell Phones in Class: Voice Posting to Blogs

I was just fiddling around with my blog and noticed that I now have the ability to “phone in” my blog posts. What a cool way to integrate cell phones into classroom curriculum! All you do is provide students with a number provided by WordPress as well as a code (also supplied by them). Students can read your prompt or question, and either phone in a quick response or write something longer. Great ways to:

Practice public speaking and get feedback via comments

Do an asynchronous debate

Collect ideas for brainstorming

Find out opinions

Collect data from observations

I’ve tried it with a bit of hemming and hawing (I didn’t prepare much!) This could be big 🙂


4 responses to “Cell Phones in Class: Voice Posting to Blogs

  1. Great Idea! I use cell phones in class myself, and this is one aspect I haven’t thought of.

  2. I love this idea! I’m a spec ed teacher and I work often with struggling writers who do well with ‘verbal rehearsals’ first…or by doing oral testing rather than writing answers…

    …the only problem for me with this idea is getting my hands on cell phones…

    I’ll add them to my tech equipment wish list!

    Julie Johnson

  3. What a great idea! Also perfect for the little ones who aren’t independent writers/typist/spellers yet, they could still post a blog by phone.

  4. Great idea! But sadly, this is very expensive to do outside the USA as the only number you get to phone is a US one

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