13 Minutes of Inspiration

I often plug my headphones in to get through my daily workout and my audio of choice is usually a podcast. It might be something from the “Smart Channel” as we call it in my house (otherwise known as NPR), amusements from Bob and Sheri, or an episode of 60 Minutes. Today I got a great big dose of inspiration for my classroom from Byron Pitts, a reporter for 60 Minutes.

He reported on an inner city school in Washington DC that runs like a private boarding school. Kids are selected via a lottery. It’s called the SEED school and what impressed me was not the success rate that the school has (although it is remarkable by any standards). What struck me is that each student continually hears the message- you can be successful, you are intelligent, you DO have the ability to make it in this world. You can work hard. We expect you to.

I’ve decided to take this to my students. I have 9th grade advisees. Some are interested in success. Others not so much. One even told me she has no goals at all- just floats through day to day.

I’m jumping on the SEED bandwagon and starting an Investment Club. Each week each of my 10 advisees gets some time to look a the investments they are making in their success- and the obstacles that they may perceive to be in their way.  I’ll expect them to be able to identify just what they are doing to contribute to their own success. If they are not investing in themselves we’ll look at that too. At least once a week they will hear my mantra- You Are Worth The Effort.

They may see the light and surge onward. They may do well just to get me to shut up. But I won’t rest until they all see the value of investing in themselves and reaching beyond their grasp – and that grasp will be around 10 high school diplomas.

Watch the clip. Bookmark it and watch it in February when it is cold and bleak. Watch it again in April when that break seems a lifetime away- but watch it and stay inspired to stay in the game.

Education: The Seed School (CBS News Video from 60 Minutes, May 23, 2010)


One response to “13 Minutes of Inspiration

  1. Amen! Students need to hear this message and they need to hear it as loud as possible. You are worth it. It is a shame that many kids are taught otherwise every day in their home lives, because of the school they go to, or the peers they are surrounded by. This is a message that can’t be shouted loud enough. I love that you started an Investment club. Well done!

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