iRubric to the Rescue

RubricAs a middle school teacher, rubrics are a daily part of my life. I write them, I share them, and I guide students to them. What I don’t do is print them and pass them out.

I found that when I gave paper rubrics that they tended to stay firmly on the desk- even when the students walked away. I’ve discovered a better way to send the rubrics with the students. It’s called iRubric.  iRubric is a rubric building site that allows you  to build your own rubric, start with someone else’s and customize it to your needs, and/or share your rubric with others.  The site allows you to link to your rubric or embed it in your website. You can assess work individually or collaboratively – allowing your students to assess each’s others progress or finished projects.

Best of all- it’s free!

No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to rubrics. The site is searchable by content area, grade level, and type of project. I tried a sample search for an oral presentation rubric and got 2,255 rubrics to choose from.  I’m thinking one of them will be close to what I’m looking for!


2 responses to “iRubric to the Rescue

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  2. I love that you can embed it! So cool!
    Also, majorly appreciating the snow 🙂 Not snowing in CO yet and just feels wrong!

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