Creating Screencasts with Quicktime 10

Screencasts have become easy! Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, all you have to do is…wait…maybe you don’t have ruby slippers.

But you do have Quicktime. The Quicktime software on your laptop (and, coincidentally, on the students’ image as well) allows you to capture what you do on your computer, turn it into a movie, and then post it just about anywhere. It works like this:

Open Quicktime (make sure it’s version 10).

Go to file and choose New Screen Recording. You’ll see that you can also create a movie or an audio recording right here- feel free to play with it if you have time. Otherwise, choose New Screen Recording.

You’ll get a black box that says Screen Recording with a red dot on it. Click the red dot.
It gives you one more box to make sure you really meant to start a screen recording. Click Start Recording and you will be off and running.

Go ahead and do whatever it is you want to show your students- maybe it’s how to navigate within your website, or how to use an online tool When you are done, look at the top of your screen to where it says Stop Recording.  When you click Stop Recording, you’ll see a movie of your actions pop up.

It will be saved in your Movies folder.

Here’s a demonstration of how it works:

You can then upload them to a blog, to your GoogleSite, or share it via GoogleDocs.

How might you use this? Think about how useful it would be to help students navigate through a website you want them to use. I’ve thought it would be helpful to help differentiate in tech class- not all students learn well by listening to me go on and on. Visual learners will love this tool.


One response to “Creating Screencasts with Quicktime 10

  1. Lydia,
    Don’t forget there are per-user limits on Google Apps accounts, so instead of uploading directly to be stored in that account perhaps teachers could start their own Vimeo account to host their video? Then they can embed them in their Google sites, blogs, etc without impacting their total storage space limit. I love the QuickTime screencasting tool – the kids use it all the time too.

    Also, don’t forget to turn on the audio component for the screencast recording (the little arrow on the right side of the record bar that pops up when you click “new screencast”). When you see the audio levels bar pop up and respond to ambient noise you know you are all set! 🙂

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