Transition Time with the Jackson 5

I like to use music in my classroom whenever possible. Today I needed to make a big transition in the last 7 minutes of class, and I knew I’d be dragging some kids out of concentrated work. It’s also Friday and I was feeling pretty whimsical. I like to end the week on a positive note.

Video Alarm Clock

Transition Time with the Jackson 5

I found the perfect tool- the Online Video Alarm clock. It lets you set a Youtube video as the alarm- then starts the video at the time you set. I hooked it up to the Smartboard and voila- at 9:23, The Jackson 5 sang ABC and got my class ready to switch gears.

The music choice was upbeat and unexpected and got their attention right away. It wasn’t so head pounding that I lost them right away- they were giggling and wiggling, and I had almost 100% work completion in the task we were moving to. Best of all, everyone left smiling as they headed off to their next class. I think this will become a part of my daily routine




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