Clearing the Clutter Redux

A while ago I wrote about a great resource called Readability. It’s a site that strips the clutter- ads, links, and extraneous images. Unfortunately, it’s now out of beta testing and it requires a fee. Too bad- because lots of my students (ok, me too) benefit from seeing a less distracting page.

I should have known that I had the tool all along. If you use Safari, you have a built in “Reader Tool” that will do the same thing.

Safari reader

When you load a page in Safari, you may get a small box on the right side of the address toolbar that says “Reader.” Click that box. You will get a PDF looking page that is mainly text. It can be printed or emailed, and you can zoom in and out.

A great way to use this is to click the print button and then save the document as a PDF. You can then use the annotation tools to make notes and highlight text.



One response to “Clearing the Clutter Redux

  1. Too bad that is is fee based now…it makes it a harder sell for individual classrooms, it is such a wonderful tool.

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