At the Movies with YouTube

In the chaos that often is the end of the year I missed a lot of blog reading. May and June for many of us are filled with chasing down students that need to make up work as well as challenging those that are up to date to stay focused and learning up til the end.

Now that it’s summer I’ve settled back into reading those emails that aren’t marked URGENT!!! and found this link to movies on YouTube from Edudemic. I’m not a proponent of showing movies just to fill the time in the classroom- but the addition of full length movies for free (for educational purposes of course-it has to tie to your curriculum to pass Fair Use muster) surely helps in these times of budget slashing.

YouTube has added over 3000 full length movies. They have conveniently separated them into categories and allow you to sort them by whether or not they are free (many are, so don’t be scared away!). Those that do require a fee are less than $5.00 in most cases.

A word to the wise- start the movie early so it can buffer- this way you won’t have it trying to load while students are watching it.



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