Digital Reading Fluency Logs

I always like finding ways to help students see the progress they are making over time. They delight in seeing how far they come- and who doesn’t enjoy recognizing success?

Creating a digital fluency log can be an easy way to show students their progress in reading- and it’s easy when we use NoteShare. NoteShare is a tool that allows you to create a digital notebook that looks and feels like the spiral notebooks that many of us are familiar with. It allows you create sections that are made of pages. These sections and pages can be arranged (and easily rearranged) to suit your particular needs.

The fluency log is a collection of audio files created by your students at different times during the year. It’s easy enough to do that you could set a notebook up as a center activity and have your students do it themselves. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Open the page you want to use for your audio recording.

1. Click the Record Voice Memo icon

2. Check your sound meter to make sure your microphone is working well. Then click record and have the student begin reading. When done, click Stop.




An mp3 file will be embedded directly into the notebook page and can be played from here by clicking the Play button. I have added extra details on the bottom line to show how you can add what you need. You can also replace the date and time if you wish.
Printable directions for this project can be found here.Digital Fluency Log handout


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