FindThatFile Search Engine

Findthatfile is a way to search for downloadable files (audio, video, image, document and software are among the many options) on the web. It offers ways to search for all files in a particular topic or just a certain type of media.

Unlike a regular search engine, It DOESN’T give you links to webpages or descriptions of the content, so the interface looks a little different from what we’re used to.  A sample search on the topic of cyberbullying looked like this:

You can see from the image that it shows you the size of the file, the date it was published orginally, the format type of the media and the link to the website it came from. Some files have an icon that indicates that it is certified to be virus and malware free. Because this icon doesn’t show up on all files,  you’ll need to make sure your protection software is up to date and running before using this service.

Next up is  how and why you would use this service. You might:

1. Proceed carefully. Make sure that you stay within educational fair use guidelines. This is not an opportunity for you to create a media rich digital textbook and publish it on the web. Respect the intellectual property of others and don’t distribute anything without proper licensing or attributions.

2. Use it ss a resource to provide information to accomodate a variety of learning styles. You may find that you can point students to resources that are created in a format that fits the way they learn best. You could also use it to find ways to “front-end load” the information prior to attacking a reading piece.

3. Use it ss a way for students without internet access at home to have access to material. Because the files are provided for download by the authors, students can download them to their laptops or iPods for personal use.

Take a look- see what’s out there. Send some feedback with your thoughts.


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