Flipping Adulthood

I came across this TED talk by Adora Svitak, a 12 year old blogger and short story author who regularly talks to groups of parents and educators about flipping the common conceptions of childhood and adulthood. She’s witty, well spoken, and makes a great deal of sense.

What I  like about it is that it fits in well with our changing roles of teacher and student.  The new goal for me is to create an environment wherein the STUDENT will direct the learning while the adult facilitates as needed. It may sound at first blush like we are abdicating our teaching role…I’d offer that we are, instead, sharing the full responsibility for learning with all stakeholders. Empowering students in the learning process produces students who are more engaged in their learning because they own more of it.

I’m using this video with my 6th graders as we look at creating a digital code of conduct- a “treaty” for how technology should be used ethically through their eyes. It’s created by them, for them, and then referred to as needed by them. It may also be changed by them as they see the need. I’m sure I’ll have to refer back to this video when I feel the “control” slipping away. After a while I’m sure I won’t miss it.


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