Grammar Tester: NoRedInk

This week I decided it was time to get out of my rut and connect back up with my Twitter PLN. This never disappoints- and this post comes directly from Jeff Scheur (@jscheur) about NoRedInk, a tool to help students practice grammar while  incorporating a little pop culture. Here’s the lowdown:

NoRedInk is a  tool to help students practice grammar online. It’s a customizeable tool that lets you, as the teacher, create classes and quizzes EASILY. You are provided with a code that students use to log in to your class. You assign the quizzes to a class and off they go. NoRedInk gives you results for each student.

Quizzes can be created to assess 3 areas of grammar: apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, and commas, sentence fragments, and run-ons. In each of those areas you can customize the quiz based on the topic you want to cover. For example, under apostrophes you can choose It’s vs. its, possesive pronouns, and possesive pronouns among other things (there are 16 categories you can choose from- and you can mix and match).

And last but not least- NoRedInk lets students choose pop culture characters to be a part of the quiz questions they are given.  For example, the quiz I made had references to NFL football, Harry Potter, and the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Questions are generated by NoRedInk- no work for you.

Once a quiz is taken, students can go back and make corrections and/or see a tutorial that explains their mistakes.Students can also click the “Practice” link once they are logged in and can do practice quizzes on the grammar issue of their choice- or yours.


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