Planning Training from a Needs Assessment

Today I went to a great integrators meeting. I have some pretty amazing colleagues and with their help we are well on our way to some well planned training.

Having a needs assessment for this really helped. We knew going in exactly what our teachers needed to know- where their skill levels were- and, armed with this knowledge we were able to put together a training plan.

We started by writing down all the little things we thought they’d need to learn on stickies. We did this individually- you could do it on your own just as easily. Then we put all the stickies together and categorized  and prioritized them into categories, creating a training hierarchy.

This gives us a framework to build our training on. From here it’s a matter of personal preference. Have a personal learning network? Hit it hard- read blogs-garner great ideas from your colleagues. If you are pretty sure you know what you don’t know, you can search within Twitter (see related blog post), Delicious, or Diigo communities on your topic.

Lastly, give yourself permission to create training, offer training, and then change the training. In my district we call it “check and adjust.” It’s an essential part of good teaching.


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