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This morning’s Facebook feed brought news from Richard Byrne about how to use, a tool that lets you watch YouTube videos (as well as videos from several other sources) and take notes. Take a look at his article because it has several really useful features. His article spurred some other ideas for how I might use it in a different way:

1.  Editing your classroom videos. When I make a video for students or staff to use, I frequently need to do several cycles of “watch, edit” before I get it the way I like it. Using the Synch feature of (where you can make notes and have them appear in the corresponding portion of the video) will help pinpoint where changes need to occur- and keep those notes with the video rather than on a scrap of paper. Students might find this to be a helpful tool as they create their own videos.

2. Make notes for myself when watching videos to share with a large group. I’m not the most organized teacher on the planet, and a tool like this would help me to identify and review points of discussion within a video.

Share your ideas of how to use this great tool!


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