The “Digital Hail Mary Pass”

Last week my tech coordinator and I were talking. He said, “We have about 30 days of school left, and we need to come up with some way of using technology to help our students finish up their learning targets.”

Some students are scrambling because their pace throughout the year has been, well, “casual.” Others have struggled to understand portions of the material. A good portion of the kids could use a couple more weeks in June than we allotted  them. Unfortunately, budgets being what they are, we may be unable to offer summer school. September and completion of these learning targets is a long way off.

I took my tech coordinator’s thoughts to heart and wondered what a student might need to help get them get caught up in a student directed environment. All of our students have googledocs accounts and use them often. Our CMS for grades includes tools that teachers can use to provide assignments, resources and feedback. It’s all in place…so long as you can get the content from the resources the teacher provides.

Sometimes students need to hear or see things a different way than we do. The “Digital Hail Mary” site is a growing collection of resources that students (and teachers and parents) can use to provide content in another way for students. It’s designed to showcase very easy to use tools/resources- nothing complicated or unwieldy.

There are more resources out there- please feel free to add your favorites to the comments section. I’ll add them as they come in.


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