Kids Love Kahoot!

Leave it to Coleene Moody to find tools for her class that engage her students. This time it’s Kahoot- a tool she learned about from a teacher friend but that was also showcased by Richard Byrne in his FreeTech4Teachers blog. In a nutshell it’s a quiz/review tool that comes packaged as a game. Kids don’t need to log in- they use a code- and they are presented with a teacher made quiz. It’s web-based and doesn’t require an app, so kids can use their phones or their laptops.

Coleene says the reaction to Kahoot has been very positive. “They ask me if they are going to GET to use it in class. They get competitive with each other- it’s a lot of fun and they love it.” She’s put it on her list of “must haves” for her classroom.

Curious now? Use the link above to read more about it on Richard’s blog- or head right over to Kahoot and create an account.


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