NoRedInk is worth a second look

Last year I wrote about NoRedInk, a tool that is very useful for helping students learn grammar. At that writing, NoRedInk had 3 categories to work with: apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, and commas, sentence fragments, and run-ons. Nine months later that have expanded their tool to include LOTS more.

ImageNoRedInk fits nicely with my workflow model (see previous post). It’s easy to use for the teacher- you create a class and decide what sorts of practice quizzes you want your students to use. You check the categories, the number of questions you want, the number of points the quiz is worth, and whether you want to make the quiz available right away or schedule it for later on.  You can assign the quiz to a whole class or individual students, making it perfect for student centered learning environments. NoRedInk creates the quizzes from a question bank and customizes them based on choices the student makes about characters from popular music, sports, movies, or names that the student puts in.

What’s of equal value is what you get back. You get an answer key for each quiz. You get a report that says who took it, how well they did, and what questions they missed.

student view of NoRedInk feedbackStudents get lots of feedback too. They get a message when they answer a question incorrectly as well as the opportunity to try it again. If they miss the second question, they are given a screen explaining WHY the answer was incorrect- and a button that takes them to a similar question to try again.  Students have the option of getting practice quizzes as well and can choose the topic they want to work on. There’s also a progress chart for students to use to see how well they are mastering each of the areas.

Give NoRedInk a look and see if it will work for you and your students.


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