March Madness: 4 Time Management Tools for Students

time-92897_1280Time moves differently for students than it does for teachers. Once March gets here teachers clearly see how little time is left for students to make up all that work they have left undone in the name of working at their own pace. Students, on the other hand, view the spring as an eternity within which to get work done. Relax, they say, we got this.

If we are honest we can understand their thinking.  More than once you may have asked yourself, “How did I spend an hour on Facebook? I just sat down!” If this has happened to you you’ll understand how your students can insist that they are not wasting an entire class period fiddling with Spotify.

How can you hold them accountable without eating up precious teaching time? Whoever has that answer is sitting on a goldmine. In the absence of a magical fix, here are some ways you can use technology to help students see the scope of the work ahead of them and create a way to get it done…or at least some of it.

Reminders: Students in middle school and high school are rarely separated from their phones. Capitalize on this by having them enter assignments and deadlines into a reminder or notification app on their phone or laptop to keep them organized. Getting them to click “snooze” rather than delete will make the notification continue to appear at regular intervals. In some cases, the reminders can be synched across devices.

Calendar features – It’s not the use of the calendar that’s important- we all know that if students were of a mind to check a calendar, they wouldn’t be behind in their work. It’s what the calendar can with their entries that brings value. Google Calendar will send text or email alerts to students when an event is ready to happen. Again, leverage the power of the phone. iCal will send a message with or without a sound, send an email, or open a file that needs to be worked on.

Daily goal/exit ticket– One of the most often used excuses for lack of work completion is “I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.” Using a daily goal helps students organize their time. Start with small, do-able pieces that are easy to assess- they did the work or they didn’t. Keeping track of the goals digitally in the form of an exit ticket will help hold students accountable- and keep the goal from being a perennial.


Rescue Time– This tool, available for computer and Android devices, logs time spent online and categorizes it by productivity level. Even the free version is customizeable so teachers and students can differentiate it by student. RescueTime logs only active time- browser tabs that are open but not being used are not recorded. Students can access an up to date log regularly during the day to monitor the amount of time spent on different tasks. It’s eye opening and takes the excuses out of the mix.


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