Links for Integrators


Field Blogging Toolkit– useful blog explaining how to collect and save digital data outside of the office or classroom. Includes images and podcast.

Blog Rubric: Link to a rubric I use with my middle school students.

Collaboration Tools

15 Free Online Collaborative Tools- this blog post from Mission to Learn has tools from online bulletin boards to desktop sharing tools. Well worth the look.


Jeopardy Labs– create Jeopardy games online or browse those created by others.

60 Educational Game Sites You’ve Probably Never Seen (from Tech:-)Happy). Worth a browse as it covers many subject areas.

General Integration Links

iLearn Technology

iLearn Ezine Tech magazine for the common man. Great articles on timely topices

Box of – this site has a vast array of unusual tools with the added benefit of feedback from users in the form of comments.  Be sure to read the featured links as well as the popular posts. Huge gallery of premade rubrics. These can be embedded in a webpage, printed, emailed, and editted when you make a free account. This site has many other online teaching tools.

Edutecher tools– has a plethora of unusual and USEFUL tools. Give yourself some time here.

Literacy Comprehensive teaching guide with tools for reading and writing support for MANY titles for hs teachers. Includes history, poetry and music.

40 Ways to Use Wordle in Education

Tag Galaxy– flickr search with interesting interface. Great for visual literacy/writing prompts

60 Second Recap: 1 minute videos reapping sections of famous literature as well as “Jenny’s Picks”. Also includes student submissions.

Search Engines  (Video search engine)

Mix “De.licious” with FaceBook with YouTube- and you get Rippol. This “social” search engine does more than just find videos for you- read on:

“Rippol uses technology from the realm of machine learning. Every video you watch, rate and review affects The Butterfly Effect Network which changes the order you and others see content in real-time.

The Butterfly Effect Network cross references videos similar to what you like and have watched with the habits and opinions of your friends and demographics. Given that information it thinks about what you might like best in that exact moment and then presents you with some choices… choices just for youWe hope you enjoy what we’ve made for you. Please leave feedback, good or bad, so we can make Rippol even better!Follow us on Twitter:

-The Rippol Team”

I tried it using my Twitter account. Whether or not it actually worked, I’m not sure- but there is a lot of good stuff available! Give it a shot.

SmartBoard Resources

Becky Ranks/eMints Leader SmartBoard Resources

SmartBoard Sample Lessons

SmartExchange- online community of teachers using SmartBoards

Top 5 Tips for creating resources for your interactive whiteboard – Don’t just stay on this page! Look at the links provided. You may get lost, but you’ll be in smartboard heaven!


ShowMeWhatsWrong- allows your colleagues to to an instant screenshot and mail it to you to aid in troubleshooting.

Video Resources

NeoK12– a comprehensive list of videos in all the major content areas for grades k-12. These have been reviewed prior to posting.


Using Comics to Teach Writing

Your Mac

iLearn Ezine: all about what your Mac can do for you. Take a good look- there’s a lot here to use.


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