Truthfully, by the end of May I am spent. I have several more weeks left in the classroom for which I need to stay energized. It’s especially important in a performance based environment because truthfully, the school year may end on June 13th but the opportunities for students to work towards meeting measurement topics they may have missed (or get a head start on the ones they will be working on in the fall) don’t end.

Screenshot of MentorMobThe management of this flexible learning environment takes a bit of creativity, and MentorMob is a tool that fits really well into this model. I learned about MentorMob from Carla Casseli in a twitter feed- more evidence that my personal learning network is always there to feed my brain.

So what is MentorMob? It’s a collection of learning playlists. Each playlist consists of videos that have been created and posted by educators like us. Think YouTube meets Wikipedia.

So how can this help? The site is well organized with sections for each content area as well as other areas of interest. You can also upload your own videos to share with your students. Many of the playlists are organized into steps, making completion of work a little bit easier if you can either find ones that match your learning progressions OR organize your lessons around a particular playlist.

There are tabs for both academic and recreational playlists. It’s worth a trip through all of it. It includes teacher professional development playlists and is a treasure trove for tech integrators.

UPDATE: Moments after posting this blog entry, up came this blog post by Daniel Edwards about how MentorMob fits into a scaffolded taxonomy. It’s a good read.


2 responses to “MentorMob

  1. “A treasure trove for tech integrators” is music to my ears! Comments from users like you keep us at MentorMob developing the kind of features that are most helpful for students and educators. Great article!

  2. Hey, thanks for the reference to my blog as well as to MentorMob’s work. I’m pleased to have been a reference node in your personal learning network. MentorMob is doing some fantastic work and we’re extremely pleased that they’re active participants (funded winners) in MacArthur’s Digital Media and Learning Competition.

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